What Are Different Impact Series?

Posted 3 weeks ago
What Are Different Impact Series?

We know about the impact series that has been introduced by all titan parts and how amazingly they have made it along with the titan packing kits.

We will get to know about some different types of impact series, and we will understand their features one by one.

Impact 410:

The first type of impact series is the impact 410 gun. This the type of impact series gun that is very beneficial for those projects that are small and medium.

When we are talking about a spray gun that has a very powerful performance at a very affordable range, there is nothing that comes near to the awesomeness of the impact 410.

This is the spray gun that can easily be used for the maintenance of the property, for commercial applications, and also for residential places.

This is the spray gun that is used to easily paint and coat all the places where it is used.

The impact 410 is the spray gun that comes with the quad plus packing which makes it very outstanding with its work.

The impact 410 is made up of stainless steel balls and piston rods that is why its construction is completely metal.

The next amazing feature of this spray gun is the permaLife cylinder which is special and important because it never wears out.

Apart from that this spray gun comes with a very strong metal cart which has the ability to handle all the job site punishment.

The last feature of the impact 410 is that it comes with a manifold filter. This filter is used inside the gun to clean the paint inside the gun. This quality prevents abrasiveness from reaching the tip of the gun.

Impact 440:

The impact 440 is the next type of spray gun impact series which we will get to know about along with its astounding features.

Do you know what is the top and the number one selling sprayer in the industry? Yes, you guessed it right, it is impact 440 without a second thought.

Just like the impact 440, this is the spray gun that is also used in the residential areas, in the commercial areas, and all the places where property maintenance is needed.

This paint sprayer also has the ability to do the paint wherever you want to use it and it does the job very efficiently.

The impact 440 also comes with the quad plus packing which again makes it very nice in performance. This spray gun comes with the pusher valve.

This is the spray gun that comes with the electrical pressure control which helps in cleaning the gun very rapidly.

It also comes with an auto oilier and honestly what else should a gun really have? Apart from that, it comes with the manifold filter which can easily handle more paint, which prevents abrasion.

The extra amazing feature is that it comes with a deep hostler which keeps a strainer inside the liquid which keeps the gun moist.