What Are Dual Component Applicators?

Posted 1 month ago
What Are Dual Component Applicators?

By this time, we have a clear idea of how all titan parts have always contributed to the sprayers industry in a positive way and how they have developed things that are very beneficial.

We have discussed a lot about all the sprayers and guns that have been introduced by this company along with their amazing titan packing kits but, in this article, we are going to be discussing a different form of spray gun known as dual-component applicators.

All titan parts have made the dual-component applicators in a way that they have achieved the next level of excellence in a short span of time.

Dual Component Applicator:

The dual-component applicator has the ability to deliver amazing performance and not just that, but it comes with amazing accuracy and durability which has never been seen in any ratio proportioned.

What Are Its Features?

As it is shown by its definition that it is amazing and works really well, we will now get to know about some of its amazing features one by one and look at how they work.

Quad Packing’s:

When we talk about any sprayer or spray gun, we always want to see how their packing is made or done so that we can understand the quality better.

This spray gun comes in the quad packing. The packing is self-adjusting, and it delivers the most amazing performance every time you use it to spray.

The packing also isolates the piston of the sprayer from the atmosphere which in turn increases the life of the sprayer.

Fluid Section:

The next part that is seen and noticed in any sprayer is its fluid section. This type of sprayer has a very easy fluid section that can be changed right at the spot when you are using the sprayer.

Because you can easily change it at any time it also reduces the downtime so that you do not have to stop spraying and you can carry on spraying.

Electronic Proportioning:

The patented proprietary system has the ability to synchronize both the pumps that are present in it which maintains the accuracy of the ratio.

This feature does not only maintain the ratio, but it also deducts the side loading which can damage or wear the bearing and the fluid sections that are present in it.

Fluid Pumps:

It consists of large capacity filters that come in the size of about 4 to 5 inches and it also has valves that are used to supply the material to the maximum level by using the drum transfer feed pumps.

Power Connection:

The next amazing feature that this spray gun consists of is the electric power connection. It has a direct wire into the generator or shore power electrical supply.


The last feature of this amazing spray gun is that it is made with a design that is very compact and is light weighted. It is almost 30% lighter than the other equipment.