Hydra Series and Its Types

Posted 4 weeks ago
Hydra Series and Its Types

There are different amazing series that have been introduced by all titan parts and have worked really well in the work that they were meant to perform.

Titan is the company that does not only provide you with the series or the sprayers but along with it, it also gives you the titan packing kits which makes it safer to rely on.

When we talk about different series that have been introduced by titan we will never forget to talk about the titan hydra series and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Hydra Series:

When we talk about working on large projects like working on a water tank, bridges, foundations, and flat roofs then we need a series that comes with an amazing hydraulic piston and that could only be the hydra series of all titan parts.

This is one of those sprayers that you can use at places that have critical durability and where maximum power is required.

The hydra series comes in different types and we will get to know about all of them one by one so that we understand them better.

Hydra Pro IV:

The first type of hydra series that we will get to know about is the Hydra pro IV. This is one of the most amazing hydra series that comes with amazing qualities.

When you want architectural coatings, epoxies, mastics, drywall mud, and roof coatings then the hydra pro IV is the high and the best production unit for all of them.

So, whenever you are going to take these projects, you know what type of hydra series do you need to work with.

Hydra M 4000:

The second type of hydra series that we will discuss is the hydra M 4000. This type of hydra series is different from the above-mentioned type, but it is amazing regarding its features.

The hydra M series is the series that has the ability to deliver that added or extra pressure which is needed for the coatings that are hard to atomize and for the long hose runs.

It is always required for its quality and for that extra pressure that it gives to your sprayer.

Hydra M 2000:

When we are talking about the hydra series then we know that they are related to water. This third type of series is the sprayer which is used for the waterproofing that is going to take place below grade and it is also used for the coatings of the roof.

These are the three different types of the hydra series that are used with the work that is somehow related to the water.

These hydra series have become really famous because of their amazing features and the qualities that they have.

You can get this amazing series from all titan parts and can always rely on them with the products that they provide because of their quality and work.