What Are Reach Tools And Their Performance?

Posted 2 months ago
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Titan has been working really hard to bring things to their customers which help them in all ways possible.

From introducing the amazing titan packing kits to bring in some awesome reach tools, they always make sure that their products make the life of the users easy at the job site.

There are different types of reach tools that have been introduced and that work very well. We will discuss some of them in this article to help you know more about them.

What Are The Reach Tools?

The reach tools are the little things that are introduced to help the users when they unable to do something properly.

For example, some tools are made for places that are not possible to be reached by arms alone.

These reach tools have the ability to maximize the working efficiency of your operations and make it quick and easy.

These reach tools also minimize the chances of getting you into danger for example getting onto a ladder to reach some specific area.

These reach tools help you in getting your work done as quickly as possible and they make your work really easy and help you do it the first time you try to do it.

These reach tools make it very easy for you to paint whatever you want to paint in a very safe way, and it helps you in staying neat and clean while you are painting from a safe distance.

Spray Guide:

Spray guide is just another tool that makes your lines straighter and your profit definitely greater. The spray guide is the freewheeling disc that has the ability to smoothly glide over any surface very easily.

These spray guides can easily be used in the cut around the windows, it can also easily trim without consuming so much time.

These spray guides cut the time which is used in masking or cutting with the brushes.

These spray guides can easily be attached to the extension pole or the gun extension which decreases the usage of the ladder.

The pressure of these spray guide is rated at about 3600 PSI which is equal to about 24.8 MPa.

Aluminum Gun Extension:

When we are talking about the reach tools we can never forget to mention one of the most amazing reach tools which is the aluminum extension gun.

The best quality of the aluminum extension gun is that it is very light weighted which makes it really very easy to carry and use.

Another quality that this gun possesses is that this gun is really very easy to handle and can be used by anybody at the job site.

The last thing that is a must to mention about this amazing aluminum extension gun is that it can be attached to any type of paint sprayer that you want to attach it with.

The pressure that this gun is rated at is about 3600 PSI which is equal to 24.8 MPa.