Specialty Tips and Their Qualities

Posted 2 months ago
Specialty Tips and Their Qualities

As we have always mentioned that all titan parts never fail to make its customers satisfied with their services but also make sure that whatever they are providing is of fine quality and works really great.

From providing the best 440 repacking kits to giving the best sprayers to even providing the customers with the most amazing specialty tips this company is always number one.

In this article, we will get to discuss some amazing specialty tips and know what features they possess.

Flat Tips:

The first type of tips that we will discuss is the flat tips. The flat tips are considered to be one of the most versatile and amazingly working tips.

These tips are made from very high-quality tungsten carbide and are very amazing with whatever their functions are.

One other quality that makes these tips stand out from other tips is that they are made up of stainless steel which is completely solvent-proof and it has the ability to hold even against the coating that is considered very harsh.

The pressure that these tips consist of is about 5000 PSI which is equal to 34.5 MPa.

Adjustable Self-Cleaning Tips:

The second type of tips that we will now are the adjustable self-cleaning tips and it is clearly shown by their name that they are definitely amazing.

The name of these tips shows that they are very easily adjustable. These tips come with a fully adjustable fan width that ranges from about 2 inches to 24 inches. This quality of the tips makes it helpful in reducing overspray.

Because of the qualities that these tips have they are perfect to use when you are changing from the spraying walls to cutting these tips for some trim work or if you are using them around the windows.

Because we know that these tips are completely self-cleaning, this feature of the tips eliminates expensive downtime.

Metering Orifice:

The last type of specialty tip that we are discussing now is the metering orifice.

These are the tips that are designed in a way that they produce complete atomization of the pattern that is being sprayed on the surface that you have chosen to paint.

These are the type of tips that are very versatile and do their work amazingly. These tips increase the transfer efficiency by allowing the user to spray at very low pressure and this quality of the tips helps in atomizing the difficult coatings.

These orifice tips come in different inches or sizes. The side note for everyone buying the tips would be that always buy a tip slightly larger than the spray tip that you are going to use.

These were three different types of spray tips also known as the specialty tips that you can get any time from all titan parts.

These tips possess different qualities and are amazing to be used for different purposes but they work very nicely in whatever they are chosen for.