Powrtwin Series and Its Features

Posted 2 months ago
Powrtwin Series and Its Features

Just like all other series that we have mentioned in other articles, there is one other series that we can never forget to talk about which is the Powrtwin series.

This is the series that is different from other series because of the fact that it comes in two and this quality of this series makes it really different from other amazing series.

From introducing its amazing titan packing kits to producing one of the best sprayer series, all titan parts never fail to impress us through their products.

We will get to discuss this series and its different features in this article to help you understand why you need to have this series on your bucket list.

Powrtwin Series:

Powrtwin series is the series that was introduced about twenty-five years ago. These are the sprayers that are easily convertible from both gas and electric through the hydraulic piston.

The Powrtwin series is the series that is used and preferred by the contractors when they have to use the sprayer on a high level i.e. on the large job site scales.

This is the series that can easily be used at all places like the commercial areas, the residential areas, and even the industrial applications.

Features Of The Powrtwin Series:

When we talk about this series, we can never forget to talk about the amazing features that this series possesses, and we would really like to mention those features here so that the buyers know why they need to get their hands on this series as soon as possible.

  • One definite feature that makes this series amazing is the fact that its proprietary heat setting has the ability to increase the life of this pump up to 150% which is a feature that can never be ignored.
  • This is the series which is very trustable because of the fact that it comes with the packings that are self-adjusting. This feature of the series helps in resisting the over-tightening and it also helps in the prevention of any premature wear.
  • The next thing that this series has is the amazing hydraulic drive. This hydraulic drive very smooth and slow stroking and it provides extreme reliability and power.
  • This series also has an accurate and amazing pressure control which ranges from about 400 to 3600 PSI.
  • The truth that we are going to mention at this point is what makes this series the most reliable by the contractors and makes it really trustworthy. It is the lifetime and durability of this sprayer. This sprayer is the longest stroking sprayer which portable in the market of sprayers.
  • The last point that again is a must to be shared in this article where we are mentioning other features is that this sprayer is easily convertible. There are places where the gas engines are not allowed to be used, at such places we can easily use these series and these sprayers.