Elite Series, Its Types, and Its Features

Posted 2 months ago
Elite Series, Its Types, and Its Features

All titan parts have introduced different series with some really nice features and even various types of these series.

When it comes to a titan you can trust everything that they introduce from their titan packing kits to their amazing sprayers and these series.

They make these products thinking about all the pros and cons of these series and the usage of their products by their customers which makes them stand out from all other companies.

So, out of all these different things, in this article, we will get to know about one of these series called the elite series.

Elite Series:

This is one of the series that is powered by the technology called the permastroke technology. This is the technology that has the versatility enough to spray the coating at different pressures ranging from about 300 to 3300 psi.

Along with it, the permastroke technology comes with an extremely durable fluid pump that has a long-lasting and lifetime guarantee.

It also comes with really nice features which consist of the stroking system which works continuously to eliminate the dead band and delivers the coverage that is consistent.

One other thing which makes this series really special is the fact that it does not have a piston or a packing, and it does not have a clutch or cylinder to burn out or to wear.

One other thing that needs to be here is that the fluid pump that this series consists of has a lifetime warranty which definitely makes it really amazing.

Different Types of Elite Series:

This is one of the series that comes with different types in it and that is one other reason why everyone has their eyes on it.

There are two different types of this series that we will discuss below:

  • Elite 3000
  • Elite 3500

Elite 3000:

This is the type of elite series which is perfect to be used on an everyday basis. It can be used on the maintenance of the property, on the small commercial areas, or even the residential areas.

It applies most architectural coating for example the exterior latex and interior, stains, primers, and sealers with ease.

Elite 3500:

This is the second type of the elite series which is a sprayer that is really good for those contractors who are looking for something that is very lightweight, is a gas-powered sprayer.

This is the type of elite series which can be used on job sites that range from small to medium-sized jobs.

Both of these series come with some really amazing features and are really convenient and easy to use on the job site.

This series is made in a way that it makes the job site life really easy and is easily used whenever you want to.

You can get this series anytime from all titan parts whenever you want to and can trust them with their quality and their amazing work.