Titan Airless Gun Or Air-Assisted Sprayer

Posted 2 months ago
Titan airless gun or air-assisted sprayer

Paint sprayers have preceded the paint rollers since their arrival. The paint sprayers have various advantages over paint rollers such as smoother coverage, durability, easier application, fast, user friendliness, range of use and ability to paint over dirty surfaces while the rollers are less costly and safer to use.

Two types of paint sprayers are popular; airless and air-assisted paint sprayers. Airless sprayers use a pump for spraying.

Rollers are mostly used for painting smooth surfaces. Three most common types of rollers are textured rollers, manual rollers and mini hot dog rollers.

Rollers are better for painting ceilings whereas paint sprayers are used for painting furniture and staining different types of woods.

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Titan airless gun or air-assisted sprayer