The Powrtwin Series Sprayers and Its Absolute Best Results

Posted 4 days ago
Powrtwin Series Sprayers

Some sprayers do work well and get you okay results. But these sprayers do not help you make an effective business because the results surely are not long-lasting.

But then, some sprayers do the magic they are meant to do. These sprayers give you the finest and most long-lasting results. One such series sprayer we are going to talk about below. Yes, we are talking about the Powrtwin Series Sprayers.

These sprayers are tremendous in the work they do and they give you results that you cannot get anywhere else.

Powrtwin Series Sprayers:

Since the time these sprayers have been introduced, they have been known to be one of the most powerful, durable, and dependable sprayers.

When the contractors want some serious results they look forward to working with the Powrtwin series sprayers. These sprayers are perfect for all applications like commercial, industrial, as well as residential so you do not have to worry about that.

Qualities of Powrtwin Series Sprayers:

  • Starting off with the first thing is that these sprayers come with severe service pump. The cylinder and rod present inside this sprayer series are tempered which are beneficial in increasing the life of the sprayer pump.
  • Alongside that, these sprayers come with packing that is self-adjusting so there is no fear of wear and tear. 
  • The next thing about these sprayers is that they are extremely smooth as well as reliable. Their hydraulic drive is slow-stroking which again helps in enhancing the life of the sprayer.
  • Talking about that, this series also come with a phenomenal pressure control. When there is pressure control then there definitely are zero to no fluctuations. You can adjust the pressure of this sprayer anywhere between 400 to 3300 PSI. The upside of this is that you can spray low-viscosity primers as well as heavy-bodied coatings. 
  • When we talk about the qualities that this sprayer is known for, it is significant that we mention its durability and dependability. It is known to be the only long-stroking sprayer series that is also portable in the market.
  • Should we mention another fun feature about it? It is that the convertibility of this sprayer is really easy and quick. To convert this sprayer you do not necessarily need to have any tools. The switch from electric to gas motor is completely tool-free and fast.
  • The pivotable housing in this sprayer means that the belt replacement is also very convenient to deal with. Not only that but also the conversion of power source.


If you are bored and tired of using those same old techniques and getting those same old results then it is your sign to immediately switch to the Powrtwin Series Sprayers. You can completely rely on this sprayer for outclass results and you can trust it with its quality.

If you want to purchase this sprayer then you can get it from the website of AllTitanParts and enjoy the perks that come with it.

Capspray 105 and 115 With Their Phenomenal Qualities

Posted 7 days ago
Capspray 105 Sprayer

When the contractors start to work they are often annoyed with how the sprayers do not give efficient results. They try their best but it goes in vain when they do not have the right sprayer to work with. In this article, we are going to tell you about two sprayers that will change your whole painting experience. Yes, we are going to talk about the Capspray 105 Sprayer and the capspray 115. We will also mention their features for you to understand them clearly.

Capspray 105:

When the contractors are working with heavy-bodied coatings they need to have a sprayer that comes with 5-stage power. The fact is that they can get this power only from the capspray 105 sprayer. It is a solid sprayer that surprisingly is also really lightweight. 

The Capspray 105 sprayer is able to atomize the solvent-based enamels, thick latex, and varnishes with almost no thinning. When the projects and the work of contractors expand they tend to switch to this sprayer to get the best results. 

Capspray 115:

When we talk about the capspray 115 it is a spraying system which is a 6-staged portable turbine and is also known to be revolutionary. This sprayer is known for using high air cap pressure in combination with the silent operation to make the atomization as fine and smooth as possible. It finishes the coatings with almost no reduction. 

Qualities of these sprayers:

  • The transfer efficiency of both these sprayers is really high that ranges up to ninety percent.
  • Capspray 105 sprayer is known for being a 5-staged turbine and capspray 115 is known for being 6-staged turbine.
  • The best thing about having these sprayers is that they come with a pre-filter as well as an automotive air filter. Wondering what is the benefit of these filters? Well, they are used to completely filter the air. It can also filter the cooling air. 
  • These sprayers also come with onboard tools. Having these onboard tools means you do not have to run from here and there to collect basic things. You will get things like needles and nozzles all in one place.
  • Another fun fact about having these sprayers is that they also come with other built-in things like a cup holder and a gun holder.
  • If you are worried that you might ruin your sprayer in a few years then you need to stop. With Capspray 105 and 115, you can use the sprayer easily without being worried because both of them come with a warning light. As soon as your sprayer has a problem you will see the light blinking. The benefit of the warning light is that it extends the life of your sprayer because you can deal with problems before time. It also maximises the performance of your sprayer to a great extent.
  • Lastly, you will not get headaches with these sprayers because they consist of sound reduction technology. It automatically decreases the decibels when you are working at the job site.

Bottom Line:

Both Capspray 105 sprayer and capspray 115 come with tremendous features. If you are irritated with your boring sprayers then you can immediately switch to these to increase efficiency.

You can get both these sprayers from

Impact 640 Paint Sprayer and Its Features

Posted 3 weeks ago
Impact 640 sprayer

If you are trying to find an impactful sprayer that will significantly enhance your spraying experience then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to mention one sprayer that not only boosts your spraying quality but will also ease the work at the job site.

Yes, we are going to discuss the Impact 640 sprayer alongside all the professional functions that it performs. Let’s delve into the article, and find everything about this sprayer out.

Impact 640 Sprayer:

One sprayer that is continually improving in its performance is the Impact 640 sprayer. When we talk about the functions it can perform, we have to mention that it is perfect for the maintenance of property, residential, and commercial applications.

Features Of This Sprayer:

Brushless motor:

The first quality of this sprayer is the brushless HE which is fully optimized for all sorts of tip sizes along with the technique of painter. This makes working really smooth for the user and gives you the best results.

The Impact 640 sprayer comes with Quad+ packing and it also has a Sureflo pusher Valve. Furthermore, the added benefit of this sprayer is that it has an electronic pressure control with fast cleaning. It means the flushing is really quick and it cleans up really quickly too.

This sprayer also contains a permaLife cylinder. This cylinder comes with a warranty that it will never wear out.


Getting to the next feature of impact 640 we have to mention the filter. There is a manifold full-sized filter that is able to handle much more paint than any other sprayer. This way it prevents all kinds of abrasions from reaching the tip of the gun. When they do not reach the tip of the gun it saves the gun from being clogged.

It also comes with an auto oiler. Not only that but also a deep holster. With the help of this holster, the strainer remains inside the liquid to keep the pump continuously moist.

Digitrac Display:

The last quality that we are going to be talking about is the one that is talked about the most. It is the display that this sprayer consists of. It has an integrated display that has an anti-theft lock. This means no matter where the contractor is his investment will always remain safe.

Not just that but it also comes with advanced diagnostics which means the sprayer will tell you if some problem is going to occur.

You can also set the pressure on it and the working readings of the pressure which makes it easy to work. You can also easily reset the gallon, and run the time counter. It also has a programmable service time.


If you want to get your hands on this tremendous sprayer then you can go visit the website of AllTitanParts. You will get all the necessary features in the Impact 640 Sprayer and not only perform the job but do it while enjoying it.

The Phenomenal Powrcoat Series

Posted 4 weeks ago
Powrcoat Series

There are so many sprayers working in the industry trying to replace the sprayer with AllTitanParts. These sprayers even though work really well still are not able to match the standards of Titan.

One such sprayer series that has changed the fate of the spraying industry is the powrcoat series. With its amazing results, it has up the game of spraying. With all the qualities that it possesses, we will discuss all the details about it subsequently.

 The Powrcoat Series:

This is a series that is made for any kind of application that you want. It includes industrial maintenance, architectural finishing, roofing, corrosion control, and protective coatings. You name it, and powrcoat series will work perfectly for it.

Qualities of the Powrcoat Series:

All series sprayers by Titan have added features. Let’s dig deeper and find out what qualities this series owns that make it one of the best-used sprayers.


First things first, one thing that keeps every user worried about the sprayer is its maintenance. Not anymore, with the powrcoat series you only need minimal maintenance. It comes with a fluid section, that has a fully self-adjusting packing. This means that no matter how demanding your job is, you can still keep working for the longest time.

Motor and Power:

The next qualities are the motor and power of this series. It consists of the anti-icing motor which makes sure that you can work in all given conditions. With that, this has a spraying power that can handle any job because it works at a pressure ranging between 3000-7500 PSI.

With that, this sprayer series comes with amazing flow which means the output is anywhere between one to four gallons each minute. The packing in this series is also self-adjusting and you do not need any nuts for them.

Fluid section:

Getting to the next point which is the fluid section. This series has air motors with high efficiency, and paint pumps available for all the models of the powrcoat series.

The piston inside this sprayer is made in a way that gives you tremendous resistance to solvents and chemicals. At the same time, it creates a very smooth surface operating with as much of a smooth stroke. This also assists in decreasing wear and friction.

When we talk about the life of the sprayers, it has a carbide valve seat which increases its life to the maximum. It also gives the user a very smooth working operation with check balls made of hardened stainless steel.

This sprayer has an aircare system consisting of a filter, regulator, and lubricator. They have an automatic trap for moisture draining.


The powrcoat series sprayers are available at the site of AllTitanParts, and you can get them whenever you want to. They will make your life at the job site really easy and fast-paced because these sprayers do not stop. With amazing efficiency and effectiveness, they will also give you results like never before in no time.