Powrliner 3500 and Its Features

Posted 12 hours ago
Powrliner 3500

Finding a paint sprayer that can help you boost your spraying power is something out of the blue. Paint spraying is all about perfection, flawless finish, and comfort. However, there are very few brands that produce the best paint-spraying products that fulfil the ultimate criteria of investing in paint sprayers. Among the best ones, Titan has somehow topped the list and there is no doubt about it.

Titan is an industry leader and it has produced the best paint sprayers so far. All their spraying machines are comfortable to use and offer legitimate results. Powrliner  3500 is one of them, and it has undoubtedly created a buzz in the market.

Powrliner 3500

As the name suggests, it is a spraying machine that has left everything behind with its spraying speed. It is a revolutionary product with Permastroke Technology that sprays at the speed of 0.75GPM. The story doesn’t end here because there is much more to it.

To get a better understanding, here are some of its standing features that you must know before buying this magical product of Titan.

Low Oil Engine Alert

The best part of the Powrliner 3500 is its engine and the alert associated with it. It consists of a Honda GX120 engine, and whenever this machine is running low on oil, you hear an alert from it. The engine speaks on behalf of oil demand, making it easy for you to continue with comfortable spraying.

Flatline Pulsation Damper

It is an automatic machine and the flatline pulsation damper feature is its unique reality. This special edition eliminates the stress of pressure and handles the spraying pressure single-handedly. So, if you have Powrliner 3500, you don’t have to worry about deadband in the system, as it consists of an inbuilt pulsation damper service to deal with it.

Hydraulic Fluid Pump

The hydraulic fluid pump of Powrliner 3500 is not like the traditional hydraulic pump. It comes with an elite lifetime warranty, optimal pumping service, and a comfortable spraying experience. 

Sealed Hydraulic System

When it comes to Powrliner 3500, the security system is up to the mark. All the hydraulic openings are sealed, and the reason behind this is to prevent burnouts, damages, and other irreversible changes in the machine. So, you can trust this paint sprayer more than other tools that share similar features. 

Large 16 Pneumatic Tires

One of the features that makes Powrliner 3500 different from others is its comfortable usage. It consists of Large 16 Pneumatic Tires, and with their help, you can easily transfer them from one place to another no matter how rough and barren the patch is. These tires enhance the rolling probability and give you a smooth transfer from one location to another. 


Powrliner 3500 is a beautiful spraying addition to Titan. It has many exciting features, and all of them together make it a valuable spraying machine in the current market. It holds no-spill pump ability, impeccable design, PermaStroke Technology, sealed clutches to ensure safety, and much more. 

To get your hands on this amazing paint sprayer, book yours at Titan today to enjoy the surreal experience of paint spraying.

The Phenomenal Capspray Series

Posted 5 days ago
Capspray Series

Spraying is something that needs extra attention to detail so that you do not end up spraying it. But is it possible to only spray well with the right techniques? Well, no! If you want to get top-notch results you need to have an efficient sprayer with the right spraying techniques.

So, below we are going to be talking about the Capspray Series which not only works well but enhances the results to another level. So let’s dig deep and find out what it can do.

Capspray Series:

When we talk about woodworking, different projects like furniture finishing, etc there is nothing else that can work better than the capspray series. These sprayers are extremely lightweight, they are portable and are also known to be high-viscosity and low-pressure sprayers that give you efficiency and efficacy. They will give you speed as well as precision to give you your desired results.

Accessories of Capspray Series:

Each sprayer has its spraying qualities and so does the capspray series. But we will get to know about some accessories that come with it.

Remote Cup:

The first one is the remote cup system which helps in enhancing the spraying time between all the refills without you having to pay any extra cost for it. It also does not add any weight. 

Gravity Gun:

The second accessory that we would like to talk about is the gravity gun that comes with it. It can conveniently be shifted from the standard cup to the gravity-fed one. The best thing is that it works efficiently with all the HVLP turbines.

Paint Preparation System:

The last accessory, also the most useful one, is the paint preparation system present inside the Capspray series. It is a closed paint system which is known to be an extremely unique one. It helps in the deduction of the need to separate filters and mixing cups. 

Rather than this, the paint is separately mixed in the liner bag which connects to the filter directly. It is then mounted to the sprayer gun with a specific adapter.


There are many features that this sprayer series possesses. The first one is the powerful atomization, with a high transfer efficiency that ranges up to 90%. There is also dual air filtration as well as a built-in toolbox for the convenience of the user. Not only that but there is also a separate built-in cup holder which is used for the ease of workers. You will also get to have the warning light in this sprayer which saves the life of your sprayer and your bank account by informing you about the defects.


If you are looking forward to buying a sprayer series that will effectively boost your results then your answer for sure is the Capspray Series. It is going to be the kind of satisfaction that you cannot find anywhere else. So do not think too much and get your hands on it right now!

Impact X 410 With Its Competitive Features

Posted 1 week ago
Impact X 410

Being a spraying expert, there are a few things that you do not ever compromise on. Number one is the quality of the paint and number two is the functionality of the sprayer. If you do not have the right sprayer, you will never be able to get the desired results.

But wait! Not anymore. In this article, we are going to talk about the Impact X 410 which will surely blow your mind with its effortless design and tremendous features.

Impact X 410:

When you want a good performance without breaking the bank that is when the Impact x 410 jumps in. This is a sprayer that works like heaven everywhere be it the residential places or commercial properties. This is a go-to sprayer for all the contractors who want the results to be precise and accurate.


Each of the sprayers comes with some qualities. This sprayer also comes with some mind-boggling features that we will discuss below:

  • The first thing about this sprayer is that it comes with a brushless motor. The motor inside this sprayer is not just reliable but also durable and long-lasting. It works for years without you having to continually maintain it which means less cost.
  • The next quality of this sprayer is that it comes with a pressure control system. This means that the pump will only apply pressure that is needed which in turn means it will never be heated up.
  • The new feature that you must have not heard of in any other sprayer is the vertical filter housing present inside it. This filter helps in full drainage of coatings so that you can get the finest results. 
  • Often when the contractors are at the job site they have to deal with handles not fully moving. This hinders the speed and increases the work at the job site. But the good news is that you will not have to deal with it now. With the Impact X 410 sprayer that comes with a 360-degree handle, you can paint anywhere, anytime, without any hindrance.
  • The best thing about this sprayer is that it also comes with a lever action. The benefit of having this level is that the pressure is always even and gradual. This helps in the elimination of splashback so you can get top-notch end results.
  • Lastly, there is an added feature in this sprayer known as rapid cleaning. There are different speeds present in this sprayer that help you clean better at an enhanced speed. It also does not have anything that you need to connect or disconnect.

In Conclusion:

When you want to use a sprayer that will give you the finest finish and will also not tire your hands you have to get the Impact X 410. This sprayer will give you everything that a contractor wants. 

You can order this sprayer from AllTitanParts right now and get your work done within no time. And yes, the work that you will surely need.

Powrbeast 7700 and Its Exquisite Features

Posted 2 weeks ago
Powrbeast 7700

thisDo you know the contractors are constantly in search of something that boosts their spraying results? With time the number and types of sprayers have significantly increased and it has become hard to identify what to choose from. 

So are you in a constant hustle of what sprayer to go with? Are you worried about getting extraordinary results with minimum effort? Well, you are at the right place then. Today we will introduce you to the most amazing Powrbeast 7700.

Powrbeast 7700 is another alternative for luxury and comfort when it comes to paint sprayers. It brings the peace you look for while handling the true chaos of spraying with a paint sprayer.


The features that make it stand out in a cluttered market are

  • Hydra Stroke Technology 

This technology is a blessing in disguise.  It helps you spray heavily without compromising the quality. It engages versatility and offers light-bodied coatings with a touch of convenience.

Hydra stoke technology has power as units that avoid small damages, while the hydraulic motor handles the heating phenomena.

  • Severe Service Fluid Suction 

Starting with the first feature which is the fluid section. It comes with optimal spraying power and the reason behind it is the 5 long, slow piston. This position deals with spraying efficiency to let the sprayer stay by your side for a bit longer.

It also comes with a built-in tri-chrome process that allows durable fluid suction for a paint sprayer. The purpose of this chrome process is to manage aggressive coatings keeping perfection a top priority. 

  • Cooling System And Foot Valve:

One feature that we cannot compare with anything about this sprayer is the amazing cooling system. The airflow in this sprayer is maximised so that it can keep the system cool down.

With that, it comes with a foot valve that is submersed and it enhances the suction for all the materials with heavy viscosity.

  • Impeccable Designs

One of the major factors that interest the contractors in a sprayer is the design. When you look for them you do not only search for efficiency but also elegance. That is exactly what this sprayer gives you.

The Powrbeast 7700 paint sprayers are something that you can choose to stare at for a bit longer than a usual gaze. The design is smart, up-to-date, and lethal to carry. It has lift handles that are built in. They make the procedure of loading and unloading quick and easy.

In Summary:

If you feel like you need to up the game of your spraying within no time then it is high time you should get the Powrbeast 7700 sprayer. It will not only work efficiently but will also give you the desired results. You can get this sprayer from the website of AllTitanParts and enjoy spraying right now.