The Elite 3500 and 4500 Paint Sprayers

Posted 3 days ago

All the sprayers that AllTitanParts have introduced are amazing. They have always made sure to give their clients the best quality. They always make sprayers that work effortlessly for the people and are always the most beneficial. In this article, we will be talking about elite 3500 and 4500 paint sprayers. We will also discuss all the features that come with it. 

Elite paint sprayer:

The elite paint sprayers are best for all the users that have to work continuously. With these sprayers, You can get the job site done conveniently. These sprayers increase the speed of your sprayer by half the time. 

Features of Elite 3500 & 4500 Sprayers:


The first feature that we are going to talk about is the technology that is used in these paint sprayers. Having this technology means that these sprayers do not contain any packing, piston, or cylinder. This means that you will not have to worry about them wearing out. These also come with inlet and outlet valves that have one piece. It is also one hundred per cent field serviceable.

Hydraulic system:

The next thing about these sprayers is that it comes with a sealed hydraulic system. The best part is that because it has a sealed hydraulic system, it comes with no clutches or electronics. This saves you from burning out.

Pulsation dampener:

The next part about these sprayers is that they come with a flatline pulsation dampener. The biggest benefit of having the pulsation dampener is that it can eliminate the pressure. With that, all the small fluctuations in the pressure can also be deducted. This way, the operation is extremely smooth, and its finish is consistent.

Pusher valve:

These sprayers also come with a pusher valve. The sureflo pusher valve is able to make the process of priming very easy and quick.

No spill filter:

These sprayers have a pump filter known as the no-spill filter. This is designed in a way that it is vertical. This design helps you in retaining the coat when being removed.

Pneumatic tires:

Because of all these features, these sprayers are extremely beneficial and easy to work with. This means that the sprayers come with large pneumatic tires with them. With the help of these large tires, you can easily move the sprayers from one place to the other. This makes the work on the job site not just quick but also very easy. These tires make the sprayers travel very smoothly over any surface.

Built-in handles:

The next thing about these sprayers is that they come with built-in handles. These handles make the procedure of loading and unloading very easy. You can make the transportation within no time.

Telescoping handles:

These sprayers also come with telescoping handles. Having these handles means you can easily extend them when you need to use them on the site, or you can also retract them for transportation.

Tip holders:

Lastly, it comes with two tip holders. You can keep all the extra tips at the job site and use them when you want.


These two sprayers work very effectively and never disappoint the user. These sprayers have added features like handles and holders to make the work easy. You can use these sprayers on the job site and do your work competently.

The Most Efficient Capspray Series

Posted 7 days ago

There are a lot of series that we get to know about, and we know each one works best. But then, on the other hand, there are series you cannot work without. One such series we are going to discuss in this article. This series has done wonders in the spraying industry and is still doing so for years. Yes, we are talking about the Capspray series.

We will discuss everything related to it below for all sorts of information. 

Capspray series:

The Capspray series is used for all sorts of woodworking and cabinetry work..this series is used in projects where you need to have the transfer efficiency at its best. This can only be done with the most amazing Capspray series.

The best part about this sprayer is that it is portable and can be carried anywhere. This also makes it easy to use, which means you can work anywhere you want. 

Features of the Capspray series:

No spray is worth it if it does not come with the right features, so we will discuss that not.

Starting with the first feature is atomization. This sprayer comes with a very powerful atomization. The power that is present inside this series is able to give you a very fine atomization so that you get a very nice finish.

Transfer efficiency: 

Whenever you need to work well or work fine, you need to have the right transfer efficiency. With this sprayer, you do not have to worry about that. This sprayer series can give you a very high transfer efficiency which is up to 90 per cent in this case.

Air filtration:

This is the sprayer that also comes with dual air filtration. This means that it has an automotive kind of air filter. This filter is present on the atomizing side of the sprayer.

Pre Filter:

The best thing about having this sprayer is that it also comes with a pre-filter. The pre-filter is not present only on one side but on two sides. One is in the cooling air, and the other is in the atomizing air side.

Built-in toolbox:

Whenever you are working in a hurry on the job site, then you wish to have everything at the distance of your hand. This makes the work very quick and also very easy. For that, this sprayer series comes with an amazing toolbox. This toolbox is built inside the sprayer. The toolbox consists of all the things that you might need for the job. This includes nozzles, needles, wrenches, and air caps.

Cup holder:

Related to the toolbox, this sprayer also comes with a built-in cup holder. This cup holder also acts as a curtailing station for transferring all sorts of accessories to the pump.

Warning light:

The last and top-notch thing about this sprayer is that it comes with a warning light. It has dirty filter light which tells you when you need to change the filter. This light is able to increase the life of your sprayer and also continue the same performance. 


The Capspray series is one amazing sprayer that can get your job done in no time. It comes with all the features you might require on the job site.


Things about the Hydra X series that are unmatched

Posted 2 weeks ago

The sprayers by AllTitanParts have always been extremely efficient, but some are unmatched. One such sprayer is the Hydra X series sprayer, which has qualities that cannot be found in any other sprayer.


We will discuss each quality in this article so you know what you get when you get this sprayer. Let’s begin with the basic things about it.

 Hydra X series:


The Hydra X series has a direct immersion system with no transfer pumps. It also does not need to have compressors and siphon tubes. As a result, the Hydra X series sprayer can maximize efficiency when you are at the job site. It also comes with hydraulics that can sense limits, so you can control it well. The auto lift system increases or decreases the fluid with a simple push.


Qualities of the Hydra X series:


Talking about the qualities of the Hydra X series, the first one has to be its technology. This sprayer comes with hydra stroke technology which gives you durability and the kind of performance you will not find anywhere else. This sprayer can spray all types of light and heavy coatings with so much ease. This is impossible with clutch units easily burnt by the small tips.


Talking about the next feature of this sprayer, it comes with a severe service fluid section. In addition, it comes with a five-inch-long system with a slow-stroking piston that can maximize the power. It can also extend the life of a sprayer with its efficiency.


The new thing that you will find in this sprayer is that it uses a tri-chrome process. This is used so you can have the most durable fluid. It is also designed in a way that is used for aggressive coatings. It also comes with self-adjusting packing, which means you can use it to better the life of your sprayer. It is also able to extend the time that is used between the repacks.


With that, this sprayer’s patent design can also quickly remove the fluid section. So it is also straightforward to get done that a single person can do it when needed on the job site.


Talking about the sprayer’s design, it sure is designed smartly. One sprayer at one time can give you two different kinds of performances at a time. This feature is what makes this sprayer really premium to be used.


The last thing about it is that it comes with a highly efficient cooling system. The cooling fans inside it can increase the airflow over the hydraulics. It also comes with a 6-gallon fluid reservoir inside it.

Accessories and Features of the Capspray Series

Posted 3 weeks ago

There is a lot of different series that have been introduced by all Titan parts and each one of them did a great job. We have discussed quite a few series and we know they are all doing great. In this article, we will be talking about the Capspray series. This series has done wonders in the industry and the amount of contractors that use this every day is a lot. 

Capspray series:

When you need to work on woodworking, finishing the furniture, and cabinetry which requires transfer efficiency really high, you need to have the Capspray series. These sprayers are HVLP, portable, and are also very light in weight. They will help you in getting finish with precision and a very high speed. This in turn increases the profit and the productivity of your work. 

Accessories of the Capspray sprayer: 

Remote cup:

The first accessory that we are going to talk about is the QT remote cup which makes you able in increasing the time of spraying between refills. For that, you also do not need to have the weight, and the cost added of the air compressor. 

Paint preparation system:

The next accessory that we are going to talk about is the paint preparation system. This is the closed paint system which is able to deduct the need for the separation of mixtures in the filters or the cups. Rather than that you will have the liner bags which connect to the direct filter and are later attached to the gun with the adapter. This accessory is again one of the best accessories of this sprayer series.

Maxum Elite gravity gun:

The third accessory that we are going to talk about is the maxum elite gravity gun. This again is an amazing accessory for better results. This accessory is able to easily change from a standard pressure cup to a gravity fed cup. This is also the accessory that is able to work with all the HVLP turbines. 

Features of this series:

Each sprayer series comes with a lot of features we will discuss the features of this sprayer series.

We will start off with the powerful atomization that comes with this sprayer series. This sprayer’s power is able to deliver very fine atomization so that you get a superior finish.

This series also comes with a very high transfer efficiency which ranged up to 90%. This series also comes with dual air filtration which can atomize the air side. It also comes with a pre-filter present on both the cooling air side, as well as the atomizing air sides.

It also comes with a toolbox that is built inside it which contains nozzles, needles, as well as air caps. This also contains cup holders, which act as a docking station. This station is used for the transfer pump accessory.

Lastly, this sprayer also comes with a warning light telling you when to change the filters or clean them.